PureControl App

Lypertek PureControl App feat. LDX Audio™

Lypertek Definition Expander - unleash the power of the PurePlay series earphones.

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The Power of LDX Audio™

Users of the PurePlay Series true wireless earphones can take advantage of the new LDX Audio™ mode (Lypertek Definition Expander), adding a new dimension to the listening experience. Our engineers have designed dedicated audio profiles for each of the PurePlay series earphones.

The PureControl app makes it very easy to activate LDX Audio™ mode. With the press of a button, expect an improved soundstage with added depth, increased definition and a greater sense of space.

Professional Grade 7-Band EQ

Customize your listening experience with the professional grade 7-band EQ including custom and ready-made presets. Thanks to the high performance drivers of the PurePlay series true wireless earbuds the PureControl EQ sounds great even with extreme settings without any distorsion or artifacts.

Toggle Ambient Sound

Stay aware of your surrounding. Making life easier while on the go, the Ambient Sound mode will allow you to talk to others without having to remove the earphones - then it’s straight back to listening to your favourite tunes.

Customize Controls

Users can easily adjust the touch controls of their PurePlay true wireless earphones. With a few touches you can change the mapping.

Find My Earbuds

Never lose your earbud(s) again. With the Find My Earbuds feature the PureControl app tells you where your PurePlay true wireless earphones have been disconnected the last time and shows the location on the map.


PurePlay Z3 2.0

PurePlay Z7