PurePlay Z3 1.0 / TEVI Firmware Update Procedure

It might be necessary to upgrade your PurePlay Z3 1.0 or TEVI to make it compatible with the Lypertek PureControl App (Only required if Bluetooth name on connected device shows as [LYPERTEK] TEVI – L/R, if it shows as LYPERTEK TEVI – L/R (no brackets!) this will not be required)

Please make sure the charging case has more than 50% power (2 LED lights) and the charging case is not charging via USB cable while upgrading the TEVI.

  1. Download the file TEVI_Update.apk to install the TEVI Upgrade App to your Android phone (version 6.0 or later required). You'll have to allow "installation from unknown sources" on your Android device.
  2. Make sure TEVI is connected with your Android phone, then turn off one side (press and hold for 2 seconds, then release to hear 'Power Off'). Both earbuds need to be upgraded separately.
  3. Place the connected earbud into the ear, press and hold around 12 seconds, until hearing a sequence of sounds (ding - ding ding - ding ding ding ding - ding ding ding) - release the finger and listen for 3 more sounds (dong dong dong). After this the LED will blink orange every 3 seconds. This means the earbuds has entered into the DFU mode. Place the earbuds into the charging case.
  4. Open the TEVI Upgrade App in the Android phone, select the earbud that you just operated (L/R), then follow the procedure on the App to upgrade the earphone.
  5. Follow steps 2 - 4 for the other earbud (L/R).

If you run into any issues with this procedure, please contact us. Click here



In some cases Android versions newer than Android 10 can cause problems for the app to recognize the PurePlay Z3 / Z3 2.0. If this is the case please perform the following steps:

Unpair your PurePlay Z3 or Z3 2.0 from you smartphone and disconnect all other bluetooth devices currently paired with your smartphone. If possible, clear all data/caches from the PureControl app. Then:

  1. Pair the PurePlay Z3 or Z3 2.0 with your smartphone and make sure it's paired successfully
  2. Launch the PureControl app and grant all permissions it's requesting
  3. Wait for the PurePlay Z3 or Z3 2.0 to connect with the app - this might take a few seconds and the Z3 or Z3 2.0 might disconnect and reconnect.
  4. Once the Z3 or Z3 2.0 shows up go to Settings and check if a firmware update is available
  5. Perform the firmware update

If you still encounter issues with the app, please try the same procedure on another smartphone if available. If this is not possible, please contact us. Click here