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TEVI - HiFi Truly Wireless Stereo Earphones.



Forbes Magazine Examines Lypertek TEVI True Wireless Earphones




“I can’t criticize them at all. They hit a sweet spot in terms of sound, battery life, comfort, and reliability.”

What Mobile Appraises TEVI True Wireless Earphones


“The Tevi surprised me with the build quality and sound quality. A real alternative to the well-known brands.”

MobileTechTalk Celebrates Tevi Wireless with 'Recommended Product' Award


“The Lypertek TEVI buds are perhaps the best sub-£100 TWS offering I've used.”

Techradar Honours Lypertek Tevi Wireless Earphones with 'Editors' Choice' Award


“Huge battery life, great sound, USB-C charging, and IPX7 waterproofing at a bargain price? Lypertek Tevi true wireless earbuds are almost too good to be true.”

More YouTube Reviews in LYPERTEK Channel


We think nothing is more important than sound in earphones.  Sound is the #1 priority in the development of TEVI.

TEVI has the signature sound of LYPERTEK which is the result of a variety of psychoaccoustics / acoustic engineering studies and on long-standing know-how in the audio industry of LYPERTEK.

A true wireless earphones are small, but it's one complete audio system. In its small housing, there's DAC which receives wireless audio signal and converts it into an analog signal, an AMP that amplifies the analog signal, and a speaker unit that plays sound with the signal.Each part of it is carefully selected and tuned for TEVI for high quality sound.

A high-performance speaker unit was required to implement the signature sound of LYPERTEK.  This is why TEVI uses a driver using graphene material called dream new material, which is 1000 times lighter than paper and 200 times stronger than metal.  It plays seamlessly from ultra-low to ultra-high-pitched material proper ties.

Not just speakers, but also DAC and AMP are important to make a good sound audio system.  And in wireless earphones, Bluetooth chipsets correspond to DAC and AMP.  Qualcomm's latest triple core processing Bluetooth audio SoC, employed by TEVI.  Delivers unrivaled acoustic performance with a 32-bit processor and the latest Kalimba DSP.

It also supports the aptX codec, which provides high quality CD-Quality Sound, over the air, With aptX, you can listen to music in a lower delay as well as high-pitched playback.  Of course, AAC codecs are supported for iOS users.


TEVI is the latest in a series of commercially available Bluetooth chipsets.  Powered by Qualcomm's high-end Bluetooth audio Soc.  It's not just a reliable connection to your device.  It also offers high-quality audio that you couldn't experience over the radio.

And with TWS Plus technology that connects each side of the earphones, for more complete wireless connectivity and shorter layouts.*


TEVI offers industry-leading 10 hours* of playbck time on a single charge.  Plus, it's available for a total of 70 hours, thanks to the charging case, which can be recharged multiple times after the first full charge.  If you listen to music for 10 hours a day, you can use it for more than a week.

In addition, if you need to recharge quickly, you can use the TEVI for 2 hours if you just put it in the charging case for 15 minutes.

* Based on SBC/AAC codec, volume 50% usage condition.

* Playback times may vary depending on the actual use environment.

The charging case can be comfortably charged without a convention gender using the USB type C standard terminal.

With Master-Slave Switching technology. The more battery side automatically becomes the master unit, this no concern that only one side of the battery will shrink first.*

*To apply master-slave switching technology, both TEVI must be registered with the instrument.

*Not applicable when connecting to TWS Plus.

TEVI- Feature.jpg

It wasn't easy for LYPERTEK to create good call quality with wireless earphones that were far from the mouth.

Suppress noise during a call and reduce echo feedback

Qualcomm's cVc 8.0 Microphone Noise Cencelling

We've created an advanced call quality among wireless earphones.

You can talk on hands-free in a quiet place, and in a noisy environment, you can the master unit at the front of your mouth for better phone call quality.

After TEVI paired with the device, taking TEVI (both sides) out from the charging case, TEVI will connect to the device automatically.

Put the unused side into the case, it will turn off the power, and the other side will be connected, then TEVI can be used in mono mode with only one side.

The buttons on the TEVI allow you to select songs as well as manipulate the volume.  Of course, it can answer the phone or use the voice assistant.

What is inside?
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